Writing to Right: Positive Habits

“Your words become your destiny”…a paraphrase of a favorite quote by the wise Mahatma Gandhi…powerful words which resonate loudly with me, especially this time of year. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for, yet I often find myself complaining more when things go wrong than sharing the things I appreciate. While I believe the… Continue reading Writing to Right: Positive Habits

Keep Calm and Query On!

This week I hit another milestone in my writing journey – my first heartbreak. As a new picture book writer I was THRILLED when an agent from a dream agency responded to my query the next day with a request for additional materials. But for the past two weeks, I have LITERALLY been sitting on… Continue reading Keep Calm and Query On!

Rejection Reflection

Last week my writing journey became real – I began receiving responses! I have been so distracted for the past month that I forgot all about my pending queries…until last week I received my first response, the first business day after I sent it! “Dear Angel, I am intrigued by Look Inside London’s Closet. Do… Continue reading Rejection Reflection

Query Quandaries

There is far more to learn about the publishing industry than I could have ever imagined! To get myself up to speed, I’ve been reaching out to fellow writers and agents for feedback and insights the past several weeks. My first bit of good news came as a result of these efforts when a friend of… Continue reading Query Quandaries